Soul Food House – Taste the Love Prepaid Meal CoVID recovery Promotion 1

We at Soul Food House would not be here without you, we have shared meals, drinks and created memories. We can’t thank you enough for every time we were in trouble and you came to rescue us. Words aren’t enough to express our gratitude.

You know that Soul Food House isn’t just a restaurant, it’s your home away from home. David and I hope that every time you visited with us you met a new friend, you got a hug, and our songs warmed your heart.

During Corona we did not change. We opened a new location, Legacy Lounge, with one thing in mind: create a community and provide support. This new location will help with career development, create spaces to support mental health, and create a space where families can just come and be.

Over the last 7 months we did it. We managed to keep our doors open when others had to close but we are still waiting on government support and it’s taking a longer time than we anticipated. We are asking you to help us by pre-paying for your future meals so we can still be here. Listed below is how you can help us to fill the gap till the governmental help comes through. Please note you don’t have to use it all at once or at all. We thank you and appreciate the ability to continue feeding you. All tickets are good for one year from date of purchase

Join in, get tickets now!