CoVid19 – A Word From Soul Food House!

Covid19 has taken this world by storm. It has affected the lives or many and left us feeling scared and uncertain about the future. We at Soul Food send our love and prayers that we all together can make it through this trying time. Take this time to embrace your family or simply relax and/or learn something new. You are …

No longer taking reservations for Thanksgiving! and closed on Sunday

We are sold out for Thanksgiving at the moment. We may be able to accommodate on the day of if a reservation cancels, but we are no longer accepting reservations We opened one seating at 7pm on the 27th and that is sold out as well. Feel free to check on the day of if seating conditions are favorable to …

World Vegan Day!

The time has come for World Vegan Day, Soul Food House will be serving it’s original menu along with some special Soul Food Vegan Dish such as Gumbo, Jambalaya and Vegan Waffles.. So Everyone come out together and enjoy great food, great company, great fun.

Chicken and Waffle Wednesdays!

Wednesday is the beginning of our work week and hump day for almost everyone else.To add a bit of Joy to the day Chicken and Waffles are ¥1000 all day!

Attention! We’re closing for a few days

Thank you for an amazing 2018. We look forward to serving and feeding you even more in 2019! Happy New Year /良いお年を! We open from the 4th at 5pm so still feel free to get your reservations in. We love you all David and LaTonya Whitaker and the Soul Food House family

November 24th open for Thanksgiving reservations!

We are now taking reservations for Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday November 24th! If you wanted to get in on the 22nd and 23rd, there is a waiting list that you can be placed on in case someone cancels. We look forward to feeding you and we are grateful for the opportunity to do so since we first started doing Thanksgiving …

Accepting Reservations for THANKSGIVING DINNER 11/22 & 23

Blessed to serve the Tokyo family once again! THANKSGIVING DINNER 11/22 & 23 COURSE:¥6,000税別 CHILDREN 6 AND OVER ¥2500税別 Starters: (前菜) Pumpkin Soup(パンプキンスープ) Praline Beet Salad (ビッツサラダ) Main: (メイン) Honey Roasted Turkey(蜂蜜ローストターキー) Gravy & Cranberry Sauce (グレービークランベリーソース) Spare Rib or Beef Rib (スペアリブ又はビーフリブ) Cornbread Dressing (コーンブレッドドレッシング) Garlic Mash Potatoes (ガーリックマッシュポテト) Green Bean Casserole(サヤインゲンの蒸し焼き) Macaroni & cheese (マカロニチーズ) House Dessert(デザート) ※ …