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Attention! We’re closing for a few days

Thank you for an amazing 2018. We look forward to serving and feeding you even more in 2019! Happy New Year /良いお年を! We open from the 4th at 5pm so still feel free to get your reservations in. We love you all David and LaTonya Whitaker and the Soul Food House family

Cajun Christmas almost sold out!

There is still space at 9pm on Christmas day (10 remaining seats) Make sure to get your reservations in and confirmed. Turkey and Ribs await, along with all the other tastiness that the course has to offer. Creole Pumpkin Corn Chowder Praline Beet Salad topped with Blue Cheese & Honey Balsamic Dressing Cajun Smoked Turkey Gravy & Cranberry Sauce Mash Potatoes Boudin Ball Garlic Green Beans Macaroni & Cheese Spare Rib House Dessert   We…

Christmas dinner and Holiday hours

These are the upcoming holiday hours through to the new year 23: 11am-3pm 24 (Christmas eve) : closed 25 (Christmas) : 5-11 (Cajun Christmas course 5pm/7pm/9pm 26: 11am-3pm 5pm-11pm 27: 11am-3pm 5pm-11pm 28: 11am-3pm 5pm-11pm 2018/12/29-2019/1/3: CLOSED 2019/1/4: 5pm-11pm Happy New year! The 7pm seating is sold out for Christmas dinner. We do still have space at 5 & 9pm and are more than happy to be your place to celebrate Christmas with Turkey… And…

Closed for lunch this week (Thanksgiving prep)

This week, we are prepping and getting ready for the beautiful gathering of more than 300 people between Thursday and Saturday for Thanksgiving dinner. We will not be doing lunch because David has to make turkeys and there’s tons of ribs to cook in-store. We apologize for any broken hearts, but we look forward to feeding you next week as regularly scheduled. Yes Brunch is still on for Sunday…and I’m pretty sure there’ll be some…

November 22nd Sold Out!

November 22nd booking is now closed for all seating! There are still 12 seats at 9pm on the 23rd. If all seatings book out for the 22nd and 23rd there is a high possibility of Thanksgiving becoming available for the 24th

Thanksgiving reservations Currently

On November 22nd, the 7pm and 9pm seatings are fully booked There is still availability for 5pm And space available for seatings on the 23rd. If the 22nd and 23rd fully book out, we are more than happy to add an additional day. We look forward to feeding you, David Whitaker Host Manager /Owner Soul Food House

Accepting Reservations for THANKSGIVING DINNER 11/22 & 23

Blessed to serve the Tokyo family once again! THANKSGIVING DINNER 11/22 & 23 COURSE:¥6,000税別 CHILDREN 6 AND OVER ¥2500税別 Starters: (前菜) Pumpkin Soup(パンプキンスープ) Praline Beet Salad (ビッツサラダ) Main: (メイン) Honey Roasted Turkey(蜂蜜ローストターキー) Gravy & Cranberry Sauce (グレービークランベリーソース) Spare Rib or Beef Rib (スペアリブ又はビーフリブ) Cornbread Dressing (コーンブレッドドレッシング) Garlic Mash Potatoes (ガーリックマッシュポテト) Green Bean Casserole(サヤインゲンの蒸し焼き) Macaroni & cheese (マカロニチーズ) House Dessert(デザート) ※ Vegetarian and Pescatarian Options Available (Please Inquire) ベジタリアン・ペスクタリアン出来ます。 SEATING AVAILABLE 座時間 17:00/19:00/21:00 (90MIN) (35 PER…